Independent Climbing

Youth Supervision Policy


4 - 7yrs

Must be supervised on a 1 : 1 basis by a non-climbing adult
Can't be supervised by a climbing adult


8 - 13yrs

Must be supervised on a 1 : 2 basis by a non-climbing adult
Must be supervised on a 1 : 1 basis if supervising adult is climbing


14 - 17yrs

Must be supervised on a 1 : 2 basis by an adult
Allowed to climb unsupervised if youth competency test is passed


First time bouldering? Here is some demystifying wisdom!

Bouldering is a form of climbing done above safety mats to a limited height. This removes the need of ropes and other technical equipment so learning how to do it safely is easy!

Like any other sport, bouldering has its risks. 

The walls height is limited and all climbing is done above a safety mats, this greatly reduces but does not eliminate risks. Care should always be taken on what you and other climbers are doing.

Watch our induction video to know more on how to control and reduce these risks as much as possible

Yes! unlike other forms of climbing, bouldering can be done without the need to a partner.

Getting started by doing a course is a great idea, this is the safest approach and a great way to learn some fundamentals climbing skills. Check our get started sessions to find something suitable for you!

If you prefer to start independently, that is possible as well. Make sure you follow the guidance given in our induction video and feel free to ask one of our staff any question you may have, we want to make your first visit as great and safe as possible!

The the only equipment needed to boulder are climbing shoes and climbing chalk. These are not mandatory, but they will greatly improve your climbing performance!

Climbing shoes are designed to help you stepping on the smallest holds and climbing chalk will keep your hands nice and dry to grub the holds firmly!

You can hire climbing shoes and chalk from us for your visit, make sure to include them when booking!

There is no dress code 🙂 just wear what you like that makes you move comfortably!