Don't need an instructor? Then independent climbing is for you!

First Time Visit

Before you arrive

Beat the queue and register online before your visit!
Watch our induction video and sign the Acceptance of Risk
Purchase your pass in advance if you like to speed up your check in, otherwise just turn up when you want as there is no need to pre-book!

When you arrive

Check In

Be ready to answer a couple of questions to verify what you learned in the induction video


Get Climbing!!! and take a well deserved break from time to time, our café will treat you!!

Entry Types

Just browsing to check our gym out or want to give bouldering a go?

Single entries are the easiest and quickest way to gain access to the centre.
Buy in advance or just turn up and get it as you arrive!
If you are visiting more than once a week, you should consider getting a membership with us! On top of unlimited climbing, members get:

- 10% off our retail and cafe items (excluding sale items)
- 2 free guest passes a month to bring a friend who has never climbed at Rhino before
- Discounted price to events

Youth Supervision


4 - 7yrs

Must be supervised on a 1 : 1 basis by a non-climbing adult
Supervising adult is not permitted to climb


8 - 13yrs

Must be supervised on a 1 : 2 basis by a non-climbing adult
Must be supervised on a 1 : 1 basis if supervising adult is climbing


14 - 15yrs

Allowed to climb unsupervised after youth competency test is passed
Otherwise must be supervised on a 1 : 2 basis


16 - 17yrs

May climb unsupervised once completed the registration process in person at Rhino Boulder in the presence of a parent, legal guardian, or authorised adult
Climbing for ages of 13yrs and under is restricted to the following times:
Mon-Fri: until 7pm
Sat-Sun: anytime

Minimum climbing age is 4yrs

Youth visitors must be supervised whether climbing or not

What are you Waiting For???


Still confused? Here is some demystifying wisdom!

All instructed climbing sessions, must be booked in advance, but if you just want to come climbing independently, feel free to turn up at your leisure during our opening hours

Yes. Everyone must follow our standard registration process which includes watching our induction video.

If you have never climbed before, we recommend you book onto one of our Get Started sessions.  This will ensure you have an awesome first time climbing, and you will feel more confident and better equipped to come back!

Only climbing shoes, if you don’t have your own don’t worry we have them available for hire when checking in. These will help improve your climbing performance and make your experience more enjoyable. 

Anything comfortable that allows you to move freely. Dresses, skirts and flip flops are not recommended! 🙂

Yes. It’s one of the benefits of bouldering! You can either do it alone or enjoy it with your friends or family.

Boulder problems are colour coded routes to guide you up the wall and elicit specific climbing movement. These vary in difficulty (or grades) and are carefully designed by our route setters to be challenging and fun!

We use our own grading system. See the grade conversion charts in our centre for comparison to Font or V grades!

You don’t need to be super fit or strong to get going! We have over 200 boulder problems throughout the centre ranging in difficulty, so there’s something for everyone regardless of your level of experience.

No! We also have a warming café where you can sit comfortably and enjoy snacks & drinks (and beer!) when you are not climbing! You are also welcome to bring your laptop and do any work in there! We have an equipped gym and offer training workshops too.

Our memberships are for anyone that wants to commit to climbing with us on a more regular basis. With our memberships, you gain unlimited access to our centre and also save yourself a pretty penny!
We have prepaid or recurring memberships. We provide prepaid 1 Month and Annual Memberships or a Rolling Monthly Membership (min. 3 months commitment) for those wanting more flexibility.

First of all you get unlimited access to our centre so you can visit us as much as you want. On top of your unlimited access we’ll give you 10% off our retail and cafe items (excluding sale items). Not only that but you also get 2 guest passes a month, to use these you will need to bring a friend who has never climbed at Rhino before (Guest Passes cover entry fee only). Members also will get discounted prices on all our events!

Our Prepaid Annual Membership offers the best value for our members followed by our Recurring Membership which might suit those who prefer to spread out their payments. If you climb more than once a week with us you should consider getting a membership to get the most of you hard earned money!