Fun and adventurous group climbing activities for youth and adults alike

Birthday Parties

Ages: 4yrs+
Price: £105.00*
4 climbers
Length: 1 hour
* + £16.50 for each additional climber up to max 8 climbers

An action-packed session filled with fun and excitement that will leave you wanting more!

Each party starts off with a quick safety briefing before we get you warmed up with some high-energy climbing games.

We then go hunting for treats around the centre, while completing a series of climbing challenges to keep everyone engaged throughout.

Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors are there to ensure everyone is having fun regardless of abilities or level of experience.

This will be a climbing experience to remember!

Birthday Cakes and other optional extras available, see below.

School & Uniform Groups

Ages: 4yrs+
Price: On application

Climbing is a great sport for supporting the development of early childhood motor skills.

It also offers many other physical and mental health benefits including social interaction, problem solving, self confidence and hand-eye coordination. Young climbers also learn to cope with fear and stress in a positive manner which helps teach resilience.

All our groups sessions are designed to educate through adventure and fun.

We offer a wide variety of options and can tailor them to suit your needs.

Your options include:

- One Off Sessions
- Regular School P.E sessions
- GCSE P.E and Edexcel
- NIBAS (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme)
- Scouting groups

Get in touch to discuss the best option for your group.


Our café can cater for you needs, we have a fantastic Cake Menu and all our cakes come with FREE crisps, squash and candles for a fully catered experience. Have a look at our Birthday Cakes Menu to see what’s on offer! We can also arrange hot meals and for adult climbers a nice beer after your climb!

Make sure you let us know your catering needs when you book your group session so we can organise everything for you!

Bouldering is a form of climbing done above safety mats to a limited height. This removes the need of ropes and other technical equipment so learning how to do it safely is easy!

Like any other sport, bouldering has its risks. 

The walls height is limited and all climbing is done above a safety mats, this greatly reduces but does not eliminate risks. Care should always be taken on what you and other climbers are doing.

Our group sessions include a safety induction by one of our experienced instructor to make your time with us as safe as possible

All of our group sessions are tailored to the group we are taking care of including first time climbers, so no other course is needed to join these.

Besides group sessions, getting started by doing a course is a great idea, this is the safest approach and a great way to learn some fundamentals climbing skills, find out more in our get started instructed sessions page.

If you prefer to start independently, that is possible as well. Visit our independent climbing page to find out more

The the only equipment needed to boulder are climbing shoes and climbing chalk.

Climbing shoes are designed to help you stepping on the smallest holds and climbing chalk will keep your hands nice and dry to grub the holds firmly!

You can hire climbing shoes and chalk from us for your visit

There is no dress code 🙂 just wear what you like that makes you move comfortably!

More questions?