Vinyasa Yoga Flow

with Shi

Length: 1 hour
Price: £14.50 Adult / £11.00 Concession*
People: Up to 8
When: Tuesdays at 7pm

Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic practice that emphasizes the seamless connection between breath and movement, is now on at the Rhino Gym!

This Session is open to everyone, whether you’re stepping onto the mat for the first time or seeking a deeper understanding of this invigorating practice.

The continuous flow of Vinyasa encourages gradual stretching, promoting increased flexibility and mobility over time. As you move through different poses, you’ll not only improve flexibility, but also lung capacity, strength, balance and focus.

You'll be guided by Aisha (Shi), a yoga teacher based in South London. With a passion for Ashtanga and Rocket yoga, Shi’s vinyasa flow classes are always fun and dynamic. Shi has over 9 years of personal practice experience and is an avid climber herself.

Come and try it out with 30% off your first session!

*Pricing Help:

  • We’d love everyone to try  yoga and we are offering 30% off your first session using code YVY30G1
  • Combine Yoga with Climbing: you can use your climbing punchcard (if you have one) to book yoga sessions so you can benefit from bulk buy pricing!
  • Members get 15% off any session
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Yoga offers several benefits for climbers, enhancing both physical and mental aspects of climbing. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Increased Flexibility: Yoga helps in stretching tight muscles, which is crucial for climbers to reach and hold difficult positions.
  2. Improved Strength: Regular yoga practice can build strength in the core, arms, and legs, which are essential for climbing.
  3. Enhanced Balance: Many yoga poses require balance, which translates well to the stability needed on a climb.
  4. Better Focus: The meditative aspect of yoga can improve concentration and focus, helping climbers stay calm and collected during challenging ascents.
  5. Reduced Stress: Yoga’s relaxation techniques can lower stress levels, which is beneficial for maintaining a clear mind while climbing.

Incorporating yoga into your routine can lead to a more mindful presence during climbs, allowing you to be more aware of your body’s movements and limitations. This can result in a more efficient and enjoyable climbing experience. Remember to practice yoga regularly to reap these benefits fully.

No. Our sessions are suitable for climbers and non-climbers alike, of all levels, everyone is welcome!

Yes, these sessions are designed to cater for both beginners and intermediate yogis. Your instructor will guide you based on your abilities and experience

Yoga mats and blocks are available at the centre, bring your own if you prefer otherwise we have you covered 

Anything comfortable that allows you to move freely. Dresses, skirts and suits are not recommended! 🙂

While turning up without a booking is definitely possible, spaces are limited so we recommend booking to avoid disappointment

Yes, to make sure we keep a safe environment for all registering and signing our acknowledgement of risk form is compulsory for any activity done in our centre.

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